Seagate powers 40% of the top 20 systems on
“TOP500 List of the World’s Fastest Supercomputers”

A clear demonstration that Seagate continues to solidify its position as the number one choice for high-performance storage solutions designed for new supercomputers.

And because Seagate owns 85% of the intellectual property inside ClusterStor, you can expect purpose-engineered HPC solutions that are designed, manufactured & supported by one company, as well as full system integration that provides:

Seagate Simplicity

Clean, Consistent and Elegant

Seagate’s mission is to reduce complexity and to provide easy, unfettered access to data with seamless scalability.


Sustained Performance

Nobody beats ClusterStor on performance

5 of the 6 fastest systems, are powered by Seagate, including the 1st system to break the 1 TB/s barrier at NCSA running after 5 years


Efficiency/TCO Savings

System efficiency at the device level

Other vendors deliver only about 50% of the performance throughput per drive compared to ClusterStor

Infinite Scalability

100PB+ with no loss of efficiency or performance!

Because all of our systems are engineered to work together seamlessly, we can help you scale as much or as little as you need, exactly when you need it.



ClusterStor RAS detects system issues, provides support & guides service actions

Our best-of-class tools are designed to meet the needs of data center teams: Service Console, Telemetry, Automated Service Dispatch, Rest API, to Training.

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ClusterStor L300

The integrated lustre storage solution

  • Up to 112GB/sec bandwidth performance per rack
  • No single points of failure for high system productivity
  • De-clustered RAID enables faster disk re-build
  • Allows for added performance and capacity

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ClusterStor G200

For productivity-critical HPC data-heavy applications

  • Up to 63GB/s bandwidth performance per rack
  • Robust, enterprise-ready features and tools
  • Up to 4,480TB raw disk capacity per 8TB SAS drive
  • Seamless integration for all IBM Spectrum Scale v4.1

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ClusterStor A200

Industry-best cost, performance and availability metrics

  • Industry-best cost, performance and availability metrics
  • Utilization of cost-effective SMR drives
  • Unlimited object size and storage capacity
  • Linear performance scaling
  • Less than 55 min downtime/yr for base configuration

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ClusterStor SL220

The first ICD-503 certified scale-out HPC storage solution

  • Per-file permission access control and audit capability
  • Enables multi-level security and consolidation
  • Supports tens of thousands of clients, billions of files
  • Reduces equipment, complexity and security costs

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