Board of Directors

Celeste Ford,
Founder and CEO of Stellar Solutions

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Celeste Ford is the Founder and CEO of Stellar Solutions. Stellar Solutions is a global provider of systems engineering expertise and a recognized leader in government and commercial aerospace programs, focused on high-impact projects and satisfying customer critical needs in alignment with employees’ dream jobs.

Ford is a proven leader of the Stellar constellation of companies, which includes Stellar Solutions, Inc. (engineering services), Stellar Solutions Aerospace Ltd. (UK-based affiliate), QuakeFinder (humanitarian R&D division of Stellar Solutions) and the Stellar Solutions Foundation. She is a valued member of the board of multiple organizations in the private and public sectors. She is also a recognized and respected personality in her field, having served on congressional commissions as well as on panels focusing on entrepreneurship and women in business, and is an active advocate of community and charity outreach.

Ford received her BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MS in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford University.