Large agencies often experience significantly reduced productivity and agility because of the bottlenecks and legacy barriers faced when using multiple data networks.

ClusterStor SL220 enables multi-level security and consolidation by defining each security level separately. Higher security levels can read down to lower levels, supporting massive parallel, globally concurrent and secure file system access.

Utilizing per-file permission access, you can expect:

  • Complete and explicit audit trails: know who is doing what on the system
  • Unprecedented scale in performance and capacity
  • End-to-end security with fully integrated diagnostics and management
  • Cross-domain intelligence community
  • Dynamic response capabilities to evolving threats
  • Fewer floor space, power and cooling constraints
  • Reduced capital equipment acquisition, complexity and security administrative costs
  • Support for tens of thousands of clients and billions of files
  • Over 1TB/s file system performance, and over 90PB usable data storage
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